Case Study – Social Media CFFS

Case Study: Social Media for CFFS


The Canadian Flowers for Food Society goals included generating both awareness and funds to continue programming. The success of the upcoming second annual Art Gala Evening “Bouquet of Hope” was critical in the continuation of the charity and its programming. Canadian Flowers for Food Society empowers the homeless while engaging Vancouver’s senior citizens, youth and artists through sustainable initiatives.


Marrett Green, CEO of Canadian Flowers for Food Society, turned to Joanne Probyn of ReadyGo Media to promote their second annual Art Gala Evening “Bouquet of Hope” at Gallery Gachet. Joanne lead a team of four specializing in public relations, marketing, web design, event promotion and graphic design. She effectively sourced group show artists, consulted on art curation and marketing, and booked headliners including internationally acclaimed painter James Picard and musician Lisa O’Neill. Primary focus was to develop and implement a powerful Social Media Marketing Strategy.


“Bouquet of Hope” was a huge success. The event was well attended and Canadian Flowers for Food was exposed to a wide range of new people. Due to growth in attendance, profits and exposure, the charity and its programming will continue and expand. Expansion includes hosting in a new city. Canadian Flowers for Food has also been approved to host the next Gala in the prestigious Roundhouse Community Centre for 2011.


  • Increased number of art sales by 1200%
  • Increased gross sales by 780%
  • More than doubled attendance from previous year
  • 66 Twitter followers (starting number 7), 11 listed
  • 181 Facebook Group members, 31 Facebook Page fans


  • 231% increase in referring website traffic
  • 193% increase in unique visitors
  • 184% increase in overall website visits
  • 157% increase in “search” traffic

*Based on same three month period for the previous year.


Marrett Green, CEO Canadian Flowers for Food Society
“I now know the true art of social media marketing thanks to Joanne P. She has been exceptional in her approach and results. Thank you, Joanne.”

Alison Doyle, Web Design and Media Consultant, Canadian Flowers For Food Society

“Joanne was an essential component to the success of The Bouquet of Hope Art Exhibit at Gallery Gache last May. She plugged away at as many outlets as possible to spread word about the event. She exposed CFFS to many new people and did a fantastic job raising awareness about homeless/marginalized groups in the Lower Mainland. Joanne is organized, on the ball and great at what she does. If she ever decides to pursue another career choice, I recommend Project Manager; for her ability to communicate.”
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