Social Media Q&A

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Does Social Media work?

Here’s one example of how we’re putting Social Media to work successfully; including a 1200% increase in sales. But who’s counting ūüėČ

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How can my company get started in social media?

The best way to get started in social media is through listening and observing. Listen to what is being said about your brand or industry, how it is being said and even what is not being said. Once you begin this process, it will motivate you to join the conversation and create your own voice. There are several social media monitoring tools available to assist in filtering and finding these conversations and we can help monitor these so you can build a strong strategy. We specialize in building customized Social Media Strategies that build trust, credibility, generate buzz and grow your business.

What if there aren’t any online conversations about our products or brand?

There is always some underlying value that your brand speaks to. It could be a respect for the environment, health benefit, money savings, gaining status, safety etc. Your brand will resonate with customers because they share this value. Your goal is to identify those shared values and organize a conversation around them. Create a compelling social media concept and you will be well on your way to linking your brand and those values as well as building a valuable relationship with your customers.

How can we use social media to increase sales and revenue?

The bottom line in social media is how can I increase revenue? There are several ways that social media can achieve this goal.

Social media can help in four distinct ways:

  • Marketing: ¬†Social media increases awareness and generates buzz. It educates and draws prospective clients into the sales channel.
  • Traffic: ¬†More people will go to your website. Social media results are highly measurable. A campaign can be built around what’s proven to work.
  • Engagement, Trust and Loyalty ¬†Increase engagement with your customers, be a resource, support the brand, educate, build a community. There has never ever before been technology in place to offer such a high level of customer service! Don’t miss out.
  • Innovation¬†¬†Add value to your existing products or create new product offerings.

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