ReadyGo Media’s Business ProCast with Jimmy Flores on YouTube strategies

During this episode, we talk with Jimmy Flores, co-founder of iDaccion.TV, a global community of Spanish speaking entrepreneurs and the founder of Yo Coso, a Spanish speaking YouTube textile training channel with over 13,000 subscribers and 2 million views.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create content strategies that increase views
  • Get found on YouTube
  • Achieve the most from your promotional efforts
  • Develop valuable, engaging content
  • Grow a community of subscriber
Topics: video promotion, branding, social media, keywords, subscribers list, spam, analytics, Spain, entrepreneurship, online business, digital marketing, community building.


ReadyGo Media’s Business ProCast features interviews with business and not-for-profit leaders. We connect you with the people and information you need to start and grow your business. Get inspired by authentic success stories told by extraordinary entrepreneurs all around the world!

Podcast: 003_JF

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