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Contact Form

All ReadyGo Media website packages come with a basic contact form (see below) making it easy for clients to reach you. You may also want to add in your name, phone and address on the same page – then whala! You’re in business.

We can customize  a little or a lot. Check out ReadyGo Media’s contact form. It’s customized to help reveal needs in order to serve our clients better.

We also create highly customized forms. Here’s our Custom Quote Form.

Basic Contact Form Sample:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

WordPress, straight out of the box, comes ready to embrace search engines. Its features and functions guide a search engine through the posts, pages, and categories to help the search engine crawl your site and gather the information it needs to include your site within its database.

WordPress comes with several built in search optimization tools, including the ability to use .htaccess to create apparently static URLs called permalinks, blogrolling, and pinging. In addition to all these, we install the best SEO plugin available today further optimizing your site helping customers find you with Google.

Social Media

ReadyGo Media websites come “social media ready”? You might wonder “what’s that mean”? Well, WordPress started as a blogging platform. Years later it’s now capable of full-blown beautiful powerful websites. Because of it’s roots, WordPress is perfect for social engagement. Blogging is one of the core building blocks of social media – and WordPress makes great blogs! We can easily add attractive buttons that link website visitors to your social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.)

  • Comments create powerful interactions and generate SEO
  • Blogging engages, builds trust, generates awareness, drives traffic and is fantastic for SEO
  • Comment-adding capability can be used anywhere – works great in your news section, too!
  • We can easily add attractive social media buttons linking to your favorite tools (Twitter, YouTube, etc.)

And this is just the beginning! Check out our Free Resources and learn the 5 Keys to a Great Facebook Fan Page.

Don’t get outdated. Harness the power of social media today. Learn how we can help you make the leap into social media today by checking out our Social Media Q&A page or contact us now.

Corporate Identity / Logo Design

We offer logo and workmark development to meet any budget based on depth of complexity, rounds of revisions, iterations and research. See some of our work samples below:

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