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Social Responsibility

ReadyGo Media believes in sustainability and social responsibility. We always consider how we can produce the best product while acting responsibly. We strive whenever to possible to use environmentally-conscious products. It’s our mandate to support community events, non-profit organizations, and the public sector.

ReadyGo Media is committed to serving the Canadian Flowers for Food Society on an ongoing basis. We donate a minimum of 10% of every work week to their marketing, web design and fundraising initiatives. CFFS salvages flowers that would otherwise be thrown out by large organizations, engages a seniors home to re-bouquet the flowers, provides the boquets to homeless to sell on the street level, and then mulches for profit any unused flowers. CFFS addresses multiple social and environmental needs.

In 2009, ReadyGo Media spearheaded a social media campaign for Artists in our Midst which lead to their largest opening night. In fact, they have moved their opening night to a larger venue, The Roundhouse, for 2010. We left a legacy of over 1200 followers and fans in just a couple months. Other 2009 social initiatives include the Sunshine Coast Golf Tournament PLAY GOLF GIVE where we helped them develop their logo, tagline and engage in social media.

Our hope is to help create awareness through the encouragement and support of non-profit organizations. Together we can make a difference.