ReadyGo Media’s Business ProCast with Maureen Webb, Co-founder of Project Limelight Society

Meet a multifaceted, dynamic woman…Maureen Webb. Maureen is a casting director, talent agent, restaurant/café owner and a simply a kind soul who supports young talent and phenomenal ideas. Have an exclusive inside look into her life, saturated by stage decorations, talented people, creative children and non-stop 24/7 action. 

Topics: performing arts, casting, Vancity, creative education, entrepreneurialism, time management, multitasking, restaurant business, funding, productivity, hospitality, film, acting, theatre, arts.


ReadyGo Media’s Business ProCast is our new podcast featuring interviews with business and not-for-profit leaders. We connect you with the people and information you need to start and grow your business. Get inspired by authentic success stories told by extraordinary entrepreneurs all around the world!

Podcast: 004_MW